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Joyous Blocks & Panels Pvt. Ltd. is a premier Fly Ash Based AAC Blocks manufacturing firm. The facility which includes a specially designed packing line for the final product is completely automated thereby ensuring absolute consistency in quality and mitigate any variations in the block dimensions. Our precision manufacturing manifests itself into a durable and eco friendly construction and building material.

Located in the small but promising town of Barjora in the vicinity of industry power house of Durgapur, the firm is committed to lend a modest hand to fuel the aspirations and ambitions of the country in development of infrastructure through a 'GREEN', sustainable, efficient products – AAC blocks.

Our equipment and state of art machines which is 100% fully automatic and always active and produce quality AAC block in each batch.
Technological advancement is what we crave for. We are always looking towards in this field so we can meet our client's requirement at any given time.
Safety and product quality is our primary goal so we evaluate our AAC Block Unloading And Packaging Machine on multiple quality parameters to ensure their hassle-free & noise-free working, flawlessness and high production.
Joyous Blocks & Panels Pvt. Ltd. have state of the art laboratory, so we are always prepared for experimenting on new elements of materials or improving the old ones by adding more substances to improve the standard of our produced AAC Block.
At Joyous Blocks & Panels Pvt. Ltd's we have an extra AAC block production plant in our disposal ready to use so we can deliver in case our clients want product within a limited time or it's an emergency for our business partner or it might be any technical failure occurred during production line from our end. We are always preparing for worse.
Joyous Blocks & Panels Pvt. Ltd. is confident that we will be able to deliver ACC blocks within schedule and with maintaining absolute quality no matter how big you are thinking of building. Give us a challenge, let us see how well our infrastructure is- to build and deliver for you.

Our product features

Eco Friendly

High Strength

Light weight