To calculate the average blocks you require for your building, kindly enter the specifications.

Product AAC Block
Area of Wall   sqft
Thickness of Wall   mm
Dimensions of AAC
Length   mm
Height   mm
Thickness Value Selected from above   mm
Blocks for making a wall with AAC
Volume of Blocks   cu.m
No. of Blocks   Nos
These are estimated calculations based on assumptions of working conditions.

Cement: sand asumed at 1:6 for motar.

Estimates may vary depending on design, size of opening, approval codes etc.

Joyous Blocks & Panels Pvt. Ltd. is no way responsible for any deviations or claims on above.

One 9 MT Truck contains load of 12 Cu.m.

One 15 MT Truck contains load of 20 cu.m.