In modern times, AAC is produced and being used across more than 70 nations throughout the world. We at Joyous Blocks & Panels Pvt. Ltd., aim to formulate awareness about AAC products through our services and website both. AAC is a lightweight and permeable element that will further improve performance and cost too. The advantages are listed below:

ParameterAAC Blocks Clay Bricks
Water usage in ConstructionLow as water needs only for surface wetting before use.High as water needs for curing before use.
Dry Density550-700 kg/m31800 kg/ m3
Cost BenefitReduction in dead weight leading to savings in steel and concrete.None
Termites & Pest ResistanceHighLow
Fuel ConsumptionOne sq ft of carpet area with AAC blocks will consume 1 kg of coal.One sq ft of carpet area with clay bricks will consume 8 kg of coal.
Fire Resistance (8³ wall)Up to 8 hoursAround 2 hours
Variation in Size1.5 mm (+/-)1.5 mm (+/-)
Energy SavingApproximately 30% for heating and cooling.None
Compressive Strength3.5-5 N/mm24-5 N/mm2
Soil ConsumptionUses fly ash which is a thermal power plant waste product & thus no consumption of top soil.One sq ft of carpet area with clay brick walling will consume 25.5 kg of top soil.
WorkabilityEASY. Can be used to create arches, curves etc.Difficult
LabourOrganized sector with proper HR practicesUnorganized sector with rampant use of child labour.
Earthquake ResistanceConformance to requirement of Seismic zone IV & V.Conditional Conformance.
Production FacilityState-of-the-art factory facility, Fully automatic & highly consistency.Unhealthy working conditions due to toxic gases.
Additional Floor Space2-8% additional space can be achieved.No Contribution
Size600 mm x 250 mm x 100-300 mm225 mm x 100 mm x 65 mm
CO2 EmissionOne sq ft of carpet area will emit 2.2 kg of CO2.One sq ft of carpet area will emit 17.6 kg of CO2.